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Marketing Management

george james consulting are experienced marketeers, having worked
in global organisations.

We can help to develop the market plan and help with the
implementation. Or develop a website, even provide Interim
Marketing management.

Strategy Development

One of the keys to success for a business is to have a clear, well
thought out strategy. With our many years of experience we can help
with Strategy Development. Help to develop the company’s direction
and put together the Business Plan.

Organisational Development

We have great experience in the development of Organisations,
teams or individuals.

Our consultants have all lead commercial teams during their careers.

They also have experience working with organisations, helping and
supporting them to change and develop.

Interim Management

At george james consulting we have years of experience that we can
apply to organisations. Our ‘hands on’ pragmatic approach often
results in our consultants joining the clients team in an interim role.

The interim roles add significant benefit to organisations , as the
client gets an extremely skilled person quickly without the risk of
employing the wrong person.

Sales Management

Within our team we have very experienced individuals that have
managed sales forces and distributors around the world.

We can help align your current field force, or restructure them.

We can also review your processes such as forecasting, opportunity
management and incentive schemes.

Business Development

We have extensive experience in helping to develop business.
Whether that be setting up distributor networks to the early
commercialisation of products or services we have a proven track

Change Management

The one thing we can guarantee is that change is a constant!

We have years of experience in numerous companies of helping to
manage change.

Process Development

Our consultants have worked in company’s of various sizes and
shape. So have been exposed to the importance of reviewing and
developing processes. In particular we have in-depth knowledge of
how to improve processes.

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